Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a connecting flight?

    Connecting flight is a type of flight which it's route requires passengers to change from one plane or airline to another at an intermediate stop on the way to the final destination. This extra stop is actually preferred by many travelers today due to its lower price compared to a direct flight type.

    Bear in mind, having a connecting flight through certain countries may involve a transit-visa. Make sure you have sufficient documentation and a visa for transit in those countries that are on your flight to your final destination. Alternatively at, you can choose to avoid those countries that require a transit visa. In a flight search, just type in the country or countries you wish to avoid and the search result will be filtered to exclude any flights that are connecting through those countries.

  • How does reservation for visa application work?

    At, we offer reservations for visa application purposes that are booked through our online travel agency. These reservations are dedicated to meet the requirement of consular offices around the globe for visa applications.

    Everything works seamlessly and instantly. Just fill in the page with your full name, date, and also your travel destination to place your order, and voila! Your reservation is available for you immediately. You can use this reservation to meet your visa application requirement. When you get your visa, you can make a new travel plan and purchase your flight ticket or book your hotel!

  • How soon will I get my flight and hotel reservation?

    You can download your reservation instantly when the order complete.